Why HTML Is Not A Programming Language?

Many of us have seen HTML-related memes and information on the internet like learning HTML doesn't make you a programmer, HTML is not a programming language, etc. Are these allegations on HTML true? Let's find out.

Why HTML is Not A Programming Language?

Yes, HTML is not a programming language. It's a markup language that is used to structure the website. Yes, it's a language but not a programming language. Here are four reasons that don't make HTML a programming language:

No Programming Logic in HTML

If you know about programming logic then you can understand it and if you don't then try to understand common logic between us. In the same way, a computer program works under logic and since HTML doesn't do any logical task, we can't call it a programming language. It only structures the website. To make the website logical we use a programming language called JavaScript.

No Data Modifying, Functions, and Variables in HTML

Programming languages have functions, variables, and data modification to create a meaningful computer program. But, HTML doesn't.

No Mathematics in HTML

In HTML, there are only elements or tags that are used to structure the website. There is no need for mathematical logic either. Programming languages always need mathematics to do a certain task. Programming is almost equal to mathematics.

No If-Else Statement in HTML

If-Else statement plays many important roles in programming but not in HTML. Which again doesn't make HTML a programming language.

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