Is It Good To Use Social Media?

Social media is a boon for this generation. Social media has made the world a global village. Now people can easily connect, share information, and communicate with each other because of it. There is a vast advantage of this social media technology. But, it also has some negative sides.
Today people post everything on Social Media. Their good-morning post, breakfast, dinner, traveling, their happiest moment, good night, Freaking everything. Like their whole life is shown on social media and anyone can know what they are doing right now.

Problems of Using Social Media A Lot

You Became Less Happy In Real Life

The one common thing among all the social media-addicted users is that they all are sad in real life. They post their happiest moment, posts, and videos on social media and wait for likes, comments, and followers to increase which makes them happy. And when they don't receive many likes, comments, and followers, they become sad.

You Compare Yourself With Other

One thing that social media has contributed in is comparison. These days people compare their happy and wonderful life with other happy life. They see other people happy than them and become sad and jealous. They see another person on social media posting their luxurious life on social media and compare it to their life. In reality, everyone's life is beautiful. The comparison only makes it complicated. If you have a goal in your life and you have worked hard and achieved it, you are the happiest person in the world. You don't need to compare yourself with others like many people compare using social media.

Your Focus, Patience, and Memory Power Decrease

Nowadays, social media like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and others have contributed a lot in decreasing people's focus, patience, and cognitive power. These days people consume short content which decreases their attention span. Because of the decrement in attention span, people became less patience, or patience is completely deleted from their life. They don't train their mind by reading books or doing productive tasks. Instead, they use social media to consume worthless content.

You Waste Your Valuable Time

I don't need to explain the importance of time. You already know it and so do all the social media-addicted people. But, their addiction never let them get out of it and saves their precious time. Instead, they used it for hours and hours wasting time on mindless browsing. During that time they could do the more productive task for their future career and their real life. They even think of it. They know they are wasting their time, but the addiction has already consumed them. If you are also addicted to social media, you need to discipline yourself in order to save your most valuable asset, your time.

You Became Problem To Your Real Life Surrounding

Tell me the last time when you and your family sat together and had a fun, joyful conversation. This is the problem of today's generation. Today's generation people mostly are busy on social media. They never talk to the sitting next to them. But, will always try to find someone on social media to talk to. And this is one of the worst shit. Because of it people especially children are becoming less social. They never talk to their loved one, their parents, siblings, and the whole family in real life which make them less connected to their loved one.

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