Introduction To HTML | Web Development Course

What is HTML?

HTML is HyperText Markup Language which is used to design or create the structure of any web page. Web pages are also known as HTML documents.

What is HTML Tag?

An HTML tag is a keyword or command enclosed in an angular bracket. HTML Tag consists of Element, Attribute, and Value.
<tag attribute="value">Content</tag>

Types Of Tags

Single Tag or Empty Tag

The tag which doesn't have the ending tag is called a single tag. some single tags are: <br>,<hr>,<!>, etc.

Pair Tag or Container Tag

The tag which has an opening and ending tag is known as a Pair tag. The pair tags always end with slash(/). Some pair tags are: <p>...</p>,<h1>...</h1>,<div>...</div>,etc.

Create Your First HTML Document

Open Notepad or other Code Editor and type the code shown below.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Hello World</title>
<p>This is my first HTML Document</p>

Save the file giving the name and extension 'index.html' on your computer.

 Open Index.html file On Your Web Browser.



<!DOCTYPE html>

<!DOCTYPE html> tag shows that the HTML Document is an HTML5 document.


<html>...</html> tag indicates the start and the end of an HTML document.


<head>...</head> tag contains metadata.


<title>...</title> tag indicates the title or name of the HTML document.


<body>...</body> tag contains html tags and every content that build the structure of the web page.


<p>...</p> tag contains paragraph.

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